He was alone at the beach and looking at the stars of the summer sky lost on his personal thoughs. The moon was sending its light to the cal sea that moved lazily.


For company he had his dreams and hi ambitions and when he was talking aloud to himself a strange quietness was spreading all around like everything wanted to hear what he was saying.


A stray dog was passing from close to him and attracted his attention like something intruding his privacy. He called the dog close to him and at his eyes he saw the pain that it is so familiar with. He smiled at the dog trying to pass some of his warmth of his heart.


The dog felt it and with no hesitation he went and seat next to him looking at his eyes with kindness for the warmth that he received. Not long after he and the dog were close friends and he continued his monologue that started earlier. All round the surrounding nature a strange quietness settled in again.


Even a pair of fireflies that was flirting in the warm night stopped their erotic dance to listen. The dog did not understood I was saying but seeing in my eyes he could feel and he could understand the pain but the confidence at the same time that one day he would find what he is looking for and then it would be forever happy.


But suddenly a sudden pain like a hot iron that passes through butter passed his heart and a tear rolled own from his eyes and everything shivered. The dog barked unhappy, the sand retreated as soon as it received the heavy burden and the sea pulled back. The starts froze and the moon becomes pail. The fireflies hugged each other realising what they had.


But the dog like giving the signal looked at me with a warmth and the tears stopped, the moon started to shine again more bright than before. The fireflies talked to my heart and with my hopes arisen I stand up smiled at everything and thanked them for their gift I continued in search for the road to happiness.


If you ever pass from there as a traveller, you the one who is reading the story you will recognise the beach because everything stayed the way it was when he smiled wanting to saviour the moment and waiting his return and tell them if like odysseys that have finally found the road to Ithaca he found his.


Until now I have not returned.


2004 Andreas, No reproduction, publishing without authors written permission. Any violation will be persecuted to the full extend of the law as all the work is fully copyrighted and protected.