Somebody asked me if there is happiness and if yes how to find it. However he though that the answer will be as distant as the moon or exotic like the beaches in Hawai or mysterious like the tropical Amazonian jungles.


But it is none of the above, is something simple. Not easy I never said that. It is difficult and for some painful. To find real happiness you must firstly and it is  basic to look deep inside you to see who you are and what you want. But here is the key. You must be sure that you have looked truly deep, reach the end of our heart and soul.


For many it is difficult because we discover what we really are and we do not want or things that we did not know that existed. But if we don not show what we are then it will come the time that we will come face to face with our selves and then what we will have to say? Only what I have said to myself. That I was wrong because when something that bothered me I did not talk, even when I cried for what it happened. As for the other person that believed my laugh, she never understood it was for the first step to be taken when you do not know anything about something. No, I did not want somebody to take me by the hand and show just a little understanding, a small push, and me. What she did not understand that the distance between the first and the second step is small but from the start and in order to take the first step the distance is huge.


And the reason that she did not do it is because she never brings her self to my position in order understand how I felt. But these things we usually forget, we leave them behind because they bother us when we remember them. I accept that but when we forget our past it is like we deny our future.


It is like we close our eyes and say that we knew everything about everything. We were all ‘’amateurs’’ at one point, we did not know anything, but there was always somebody that showed us the way. Not to teach us but to help us find our road in life. This we must never forget, because as life goes on we will find our selves in his place for somebody else and the solutions that we will presented will be two. The first, the easy one, is to do nothing. To say that we are no teachers because we are afraid to confront the truth which will mean that we are not strong enough to help somebody else, like we were helped at one point of our lives.


The other is the road of understanding and helping. If we choose this then we must dig deep and see how we felt and how we got over it. If we do that then we will find the solution to the problem.


These will help us find the road to happiness. We still have time in order to reach the end of the road. We must learn to make the others happy but not in the expense of our happiness. Here allow me a personal experience.


‘’ It was Friday and my personal and emotional world was in ruins destroyed completely. I was crying and driving for my hide out where I could let my feeling free to brake through the barriers. As I was on the traffic lights a small gypsy child come wanting to clean the windows. I nodded okay and after finishing she come to my window but instead of the usual small change I gave her a nice big banknote. Her expression was worth to me the gold of the whole world. Her happiness on her face gave me the satisfaction that although somebody betrayed me I made somebody happy in return.’’


At the end in order to find happiness we must learn to ask and demand what is ours without of course forgetting our responsibilities. Not to ask everything and give back nothing. And something else. We must not forget that all the people are different; they do not want or get pleased with the same things. We must learn what it pleases them and try to give them that.


Here I close and I hope and wish to you the anonymous reader to find happiness following what you have read and do not do what I have done. I was holding happiness in my hands and I lost it but in my case I have not been given even one chance, when on the other hand I had given a lot.


It does not matter; someday maybe somebody will be able to understand me also.


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