Every day struggle



Do you wake up in the morning and one of the first things you think is that you have to go out there and face all this ‘’crowd’’ of people that all they think off is themselves only?


Well you certainly not alone, there are others like you hiding in the shadows like you do making sure that the day pass so they can go back to their private space were they really enjoy life and relax leaving the day problems away.


There are always times that you think why I am not like the others, they have it so good, they do not care about anything except themselves, they seem to be always happy and do whatever they want, etc. Well we all have thought like that and felt a little sad why we cannot taste and experience what the others do but that is wrong. They do not feel anything, they pretend trying to show off how good they have it but deep inside they are empty as all they do is try to be what they are not. Spending all their lives trying to impress each other with the more expensive suit, or watch or whatever.


They are running in a vicious cycle like the hamster that many of us had at one stage and we used to watch it run on its little wheel. The difference is that the hamster when its got tired, it got off and did anything else. They are locked inside that race which never ends and always try harder to get higher only for somebody else to be higher than you and your ‘’victory’’ becomes ‘’defeat’’ only to start racing again till you burn out and realise that you have spend your life chasing a nothing.


You on the other side know that you are happy because you are yourself, you enjoy what you do or you put up with it and hope that you will find what you really want and that is not something bad because we all need time to find what we want. We may never get there but we are going to be close to it and far more content with ourselves.


We must do what makes us happy and what we feel enjoyable to do irrespective of what the others think as long as it is not ofcourse in direct violation of others peoples rights. There are pleasures that we feel everyday all around us, small things that few notice but they mean so much to us.


So there you have it. When you wake up in the morning do not think about all of them, think about all the small pleasures that you are going to enjoy, when the dark clouds gather think of the evening you spend at your favourite place together with somebody or alone, whatever you wanted, and smile. Make them wonder what makes you happy.


When you see somebody when you are commuting smiling with that distant look in his/her eyes smile back to them because they are like you. You share the knowledge that leads to happiness or at least you are on the correct path towards it. Life is not a race and even if it was the ending is always like the rabbit and the turtle race. Like in that imaginary race same in life the turtle wins at the end because it goes steadily forward no matter what while the rabbit burns out along the way.


I smile because I have all those small things that make me happy and I am happy because small things make me happy. This way disappointment is not an everyday event and even when it comes it is part of life.


Go out and smile for who you are and not of what the others think.


© Andreas