What is experience? And how we get it or earn it? Ask your self before you continue; do I think I have experience?


Most of you have must replied yes to this question. Well ask your selves another question now. Have I made mistakes before in my life? Some that have quickly replied yes to the first question will reply as fast ‘’no’’ to the second. The ones that said yes and no start thinking.


Experience is the name we give to our mistakes.


Therefore you can’t have experience and not have made any mistakes in your life. And for the ones that they think they do not have any experience and they keep on making mistakes in their life think again.


We will never stop making mistakes. We are humans after all. Even god made a mistake, he created us. Just joking, we are his most wonderful creation, what we have done with that is something that I prefer to let others deal with, not my field.


Back to our subject. For the ones that said that they have experience but have not made any mistakes, I would suggest to re-consider your reply. Experience is not like a lesson, we read a book and we learn it. It comes from life itself and it never ends. It comes when we live our life and not close the doors and windows and shut everybody out. If we do that, then for sure we will not make any mistakes, but we will experience nothing. Feelings will be a word without meaning and loneliness will be our partner.


Lets go out, open these shut windows and doors. Crash the fear of getting hurt and making mistakes. We all get hurt, we all make mistakes. But we feel and emotions are so powerful and so overwhelming that even if we get hurt the knowledge that we tried and the sweet memories will be there to all eternity to accompany us.


To the ones that replied no to the first question and yes to the second one, you are in the right track and certainly the future looks bright for you. The knowledge of the mistakes that you think you have made is your experience.


Knowing what you have done wrong in the past is your passport that does not guarantee success but gives you an edge. Yes you have the experience and it is up to you to use in order to make your life better. You know what mistakes you have done. Try not to do them again, okay you will make new ones but so will the others but you will not be alone, there will be others walking the same path as you.


But no matter the result you would have taken a step towards finding that elusive happiness that you think it will never come. We all find what we want at the end. The road is not easy but the reward is huge and it worth every sacrifice we make along the way.


Ps. The above was inspired from some long discussions I had with a very dear friend. She knows who she is and I hope that by reading this I will help her a little to find her way.


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