It was quite late at night and he was still at the office. The previous night they were together, alone and looking in each other’s eyes both afraid to say it. Say what?


The word that opens all the doors of life. The word that in her name whole books have been written and wars have started but some have killed so much that the ones that really feel it are afraid to say it. They are afraid that they will not be believed or laughed at.


He had said it in the past and not only that, he meant it. When he said it he opened his heart like a flower taking life from the morning rays of the sun.


But always the ending the same. The person to which he said it destroyed the flower and left the poison of betrayal behind being a nightmare the long lonely nights. The spring come again and the flower open but only to close back more tight until once the sun come strong and full of life giving rays.


It reached the places that have been untouched before and the flower started to open slowly until it opened completely.


Everybody looked at it and laughed because nobody believed that true love existed. But the flower grew and blossomed and then everybody went quite, they were seeing something that they did not believe and then the flower full of strength said with its soft voice and from the bottom of its heart ‘’I LOVE YOU’’.


Then the people started crying because even inside them the feeling was there deep buried and depressed.


The flower then it smiled and started saying the word over and over again until its lips started bleeding but it continued until it died with the word I love you on its lips.


The whole world cried but as soon as the sun come up a lot of flowers started coming out in many hearts……


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