Here we are again. You all thought that I will leave you in your small world of peace and quite. Big mistake. I was just trying to fond some new ways to ‘’torture’’ you.


And I ask you, what you have done with all these that you have read and you said you liked them? The time has come to look again this think that is called our selves and reply to his question. The question being ‘’have you been true to me since the last time we talked’’?


I can the vibes in the air from the shivers that go through you like hot needles. Oh I see a happy face. You believe that you are successful? You can leave and come back with your guardian, because you have not learned anything. The rest you can all talk about your miserable failures because this will help you to understand how you got over them. Indeed talking about your past failures is the key to success. Our motto is ‘’what does not kill us it makes us stronger’’.  Meaning that when we overpass a difficulty them we have received some lessons, which we can use in the future in order not to make the same mistakes.


What we must not forget is that experience is not gained by hiding from our mistakes but to accept them, pay the price and not let the first obstacle to stop us.


Only like this we will be able to overcome the real difficulties that we are all faced in our lives. That’s better, I see smiles all over your faces.


Now you can go and continue your daily struggle, sure about yourselves and in the decisions that you take.


As for me, I do not forget you. I will be back more hard so do not rest comfortably.


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